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Back At College, Taking A Few Days Off & Hot Guys

Hello lovely WORD readers! (I need a name for you guys. Please leave suggestions in the comments. I mean, there are more than 1000 of you. You deserve a nickname!)

At the time you're reading this I'll have been back at college for a little more than a week - I schedule posts in advance, so it's not even August over here for me yet. Because I schedule posts so far in advance I decided to take a few days off in the beginning of September (which really translated to right when I got back to school because of my weird set ups), so you guys are going to have some fun guest posts coming up in the next few days. You'll still have some posts from me, of course, but various other posts will be from other bloggers and, in some case, authors! (Hello, lovely Sirenz authors, who answered my call for guest posts in less than ten minutes!)

I'll still be floating around Twitter if you all need me.

And to make up for taking a few days off - and I apologize to all my straight male followers or gay female followers - here are some hot British guys.

not a book post - so sue me, and more:

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