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Ban This!

Stupidity grates on me like a fork across a plate. So it's no surprise that book banners make me want to kick a cluster of bunnies. They are stupidity at its peak and they are blissful as they slough around in their own ignorance.

What leg are they attempting to stand on when they attempt to ban Twilight because it's sexually explicit? Why are they being taken seriously when they scream about Tom Sawyer being racist? Why are the powers that be feeding the Fascists and allowing them, and actually helping them to succeed, in having books removed from libraries based on unsubstantiated and horrendously idiotic claims? Is it too much to ask that we require these jackwagons to actually read the books they're protesting so they can form opinions based on something more than the shattered innocence of children and brain farts?

But if these numbnuts didn't exist, where would I find joy? Oh I'm sure there are plenty of other places to get my giggles but mocking the shit out of book banners brings me to a special level of joy not found anywhere else. It's because of them that I created Ban This!, a month-long stick-it fest of all things banned books. While a mockery could be made of book banner shenanigans all year long (their cause never sleeps, you know), Ban This! was made to compliment Banned Books Week at the end of September. Might as well really drive the point home, right? Plus it's infinitely hilarious to see the likes of post their drivel in everyone's post comments. When you ignore facts, anything's possible!

So if you plan on posting about banned or challenged books or the infinite idiocy of book banners in the month of September, be sure to sign up for Ban This! and spread the banned books love.

Donna has been running Bites, a YA book review blog, since January of 2009 but the snark began long before she joined the online book-loving community. When she's not cranking out the books she spends her time writing, in the company of a particular soldier boy and attempting to wrangle a cracked out Miniature Pinscher who insists on eating anything it can get its mouth on. It's a miracle it hasn't burrowed through the walls yet.

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