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Bloggers Beware: The Reader's Malady

Hello to all of you who are reading. As you can see, this isn’t a post coming at you from the WORD girl you know and love. Nope, this post is courtesy of me, The Lady Critic, while Nicole is away and I have something incredibly important to share.

I have a problem and his name is Harry Potter.

The name really says it all. A person immediately thinks of the seven books, eight movies, and big name Hollywood celebrities who are attached to the entire franchise. For me, though, Harry Potter also brings about this sense of absolute dread.

Now, before you start to think that I’m completely insane, let me explain.

Every time I really get into a series, there comes this point where I just cannot do it anymore. It’s not that I don’t want to read, it’s as if I’m unconsciously stopping myself just so that the books don’t end.

Most notably was with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I pre-ordered the novel, it got delivered to my apartment, my roommate signed for it, and half-woke me up to give it to me right away. I promptly fell back asleep while clutching it... and this is where it ends. Ever since that day poor Harry has been shuffled from bookshelf to bookshelf and has been residing at my cousin’s house for the past year (she was infected as well).

“What are you talking about?” You’re probably asking right now. Well, let me tell you.

Since Harry Potter was the first notable series it lends the name to my created Harry Potter Syndrome. Basically, this is the affliction that many readers can suffer from at any given time while has them not reading the books that they want to – especially those which are in a series. It’s that feeling you get when you have a book you really want to read, but you either don’t want it to end or you don’t want it ruined.

Sometimes I’m able to overcome and read what I darn well want to, like Andrea Cremer’s Wolfsbane as soon as it came out. But other times, like with Ally Condie’s Crossed (which has been sitting on my shelf since BEA), I can’t being myself to read it. I don’t want to ruin how much I loved the first novel by maybe not enjoying the second. The most recent trouble was with the last novel in Kate Brian’s Privilege series; I started to read it and only got a few pages in before I had to put it down.

In short, I suffer from a not-so-rare reader ailment. I seriously doubt that there is a cure, so wish me luck. And if you’re infected as well, let me know and we can suffer not reading good books together!

After beginning to read at a young age, it didn’t take long for Katherine’s bookworm status to be cemented among her peers. The only surprise is that it took her so long to discover the book blogging community and to start reviewing herself.

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