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Written Word to Silver Screen

It seems like every other movie is based off of a book these days. Even TV shows are getting in on the action. The last three ABC Family original shows have been based off of YA books. I, for one, am perfectly okay with this, but I know everyone isn’t so keen on the idea since movies can easily miss the mark when it comes to recreating what the reader has already imagined. I actually love to see something I experienced in my head to be brought to life on the big screen, though. And I feel especially proud if I read the book before it became popular due to movie publicity. Does anyone else get that little smug feeling or am I just a whacko?

YA is finally getting its turn in the spotlight these days too. Some recent YA books to hit the screens include Beastly, I am Number Four, and Percy Jackson. And I loved every single one of them. Sadly, out of those three I’ve only read Percy Jackson, but after seeing the other two they automatically made it onto my TBR list. That’s one fantastic thing about books to movies, in my opinion. It can bring a book to someone’s attention they may have otherwise never heard of or noticed.

Sadly, there really can be some big flops. Twilight, for me, was a very sad movie adaptation. It felt way too cheesy and lost a lot of what the book was going for. I remember thinking to myself at one point “I thought Edward was supposed to be super sexy not incredibly creepy??” I mean, he was staring at Bella like a crazy stalker during classes. Plus, I could see his contacts in one scene. Come on, guys.

Bad adaptations don’t put me off of books to movies thing in the least, though. In fact, I’m looking forward to The Hunger Games and Incarceron. I loved both books and can’t wait to see them brought to life even if I’m not all too excited about the casting in either. I haven’t heard much about Incarceron, but it’s pretty much impossible for me to take Taylor Lautner seriously after Twilight and Finn is a pretty darn serious character. Hopefully there’s no needless shirt removal here. And The Hunger Games? I always thought Peeta looked much…softer than either of the lead guys cast. And I suppose I thought Gayle to be a bit rougher too. I mean, this is a dystopian world where the dude illegally hunts animals in the wilds.

What are your favorite book to movie adaptations? Looking forward to any upcoming ones?

Jasmine is fairly new to the book blogging world but has always been an avid reader. She lives in a small town in Washington (soon to be Seattle though) and besides reading loves video games, cooking, her Pug, movies with the fiance, and volunteering at the local library.

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