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The baguette is an Austrian invention! A round loaf bread called the boule was made on a weekly basis in community ovens in France.The word for bakery 'boulangerie' is directly related to the word boule. This bread was a tooth cracker when stale but the people were poor and survived from this rock hard whole grain staple.

Baguettes were born with the invention of the steam oven in Vienna. Rich Parisian city slickers were the only ones who could afford to buy bread on a daily basis. A law in 1920 had been passed which prevented bakers from working before 4 am.

There wasn't enough time to bake the traditional rounded loaf for breakfast. Elongated 'baguettes' could be baked lickety split. It was simply a faster way to fill bread baskets. The baguette (and baguette vintage postcards) were therfore created due to pesky bureaucracy. French red tape finally served a good purpose.

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