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Ernest Hemingway's French Addiction

Pop the champagne bottle’s cork! It’s time to serenely sip Ernest Hemingway’s famous champagne cocktail ‘Death in The Afternoon.’

This concoction comprises of champagne and the licorice and anise flavoured liqueur called la pastis. Yet with pastis, there are two worlds: France, where it's a very big deal, and the rest of the planet, where it's (hold your hats Frenchmen ) not! These featured vintage postcard friends are certainly enjoying this sweet and smooth liqueur treat from Marseilles, France.

5 million cases of Ricard are sold annually worldwide (it's the top-selling spirits brand in Europe, based mostly on French sales), but fewer than 50,000 cases are sold in the United States. That adds to its Gallic exoticism when at the bar.

If you’re planning to mime and review Ernest Hemingway by sipping this sensation be sure to pour the champagne first. The pastis will add an eerie and mysterious cloud of yellow. Cheers to vintage postcards!

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