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Jesus used a Pacifier Vintage Postcards

Jesus used a Pacifier?

A painting of the Madonna and Child in 1506 by Albrecht Durer shows a rag bag pacifier which was used throughout Europe and in Russia. Strips of cloth rags were knotted around foods like bread, grain, meat or fish. In Finland a big hunk of fat was used. These bags were moistened with liquids like milk, brandy or laudanum (an opium and alcohol mixture), or contained poppy seeds.

In London in the 1600's 'teething' was listed as the leading cause of infant deaths. Wealthy mothers used silver spoon to ease gum pain. That's of course where the expression,'He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth,' derives. Candles, licorice sticks, carrots, and crisp bread crusts were more commonly used.

When rubber was developed in the last century, the Pacifier, Binky, Nooky, Soother, Dummy, Noo noo as we know it today was born!

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