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P lease drink virtual champagne with us. Youpi! Cheers to you! Our store has officially reached 100,000 items. That is a whopping number of vintage postcards online. Francois could you pass me the sword?

I want to try the unique and enthusiastic way of opening a champagne bottle, called "the art of sabering." Stand back this will be my first attempt! This technique calls for one to open the bottle by slicing off the top of it with a long saber. This is a feat that dates back to the 1800s, Napoleon Bonaparte and the French cavalry.

Several enticing stories revolve around this bit of history, but the most entertaining involved a test of Napoleon's newly assigned officers. Each assignee was given three horses, three bottles of champagne, three "willing girls" and three hours in which they needed to drink the champagne, have their way with the girls and traverse a rugged, 20 mile course. "Sabering" the bottle while on horseback could save precious minutes for other tasks. The victory cry of Napoleon's cavalry became "Sabre le champagne!"

On second thought a corkscrew will do just fine! I linked the top paragraph with a how to video in case you want a few sabering tips!

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