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Spam Wins Wars

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Spam was a life saving tinned meat staple during World War II.

It was the ideal combat ration because it could be shipped easily and didn't have an expiration date! Fresh meat was just difficult to get to soldiers at the front. By mid-war, Hormel was producing 15 million cans of Spam for the troops each week. The soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy, raised the flag, and then ate Spam!

In the United States beef was rationed and expensive. You had to present you war time coupon book in order to get a slab. Spam didn't fall under the same restrictions. It was tooted as a miracle meat. 'Eaten cold or hot, Spam hits the spot!'

Here is the gelatinous Monty Python Spam Sketch. It's Spamtastic! Come join the Ruby Tuesday fun too!

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