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The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep like Vintage Postcards

The Shepherdess and the Chimney sweep has been called the greatest French animated films ever - watch out Disney! The film's patient director and principle creative force Paul Grimault began working on the film in the 1930's. It was finally released 50 years later in 1980. Perfection takes time. These paticular vintage postcard images remind me of the modern film. You can watch a chunk of this gem of a film here. It's a worthwhile click!

Plot: The paintings of a lovely shepherdess and a chimney sheep come to life in the bedroom of the much disliked King V + III = VIII + VIII = XVI. The two lovers decide to run away and discover the outside world together. The portrait of the pompous king decides that he wants to marry the willowy caretaker of sheep. He pursues the two 'renegades' with the help of his police force.

The viewing of this film is a mandatory part of French elementary school education. The movie shows regularly in Paris. The theatre is always packed with bouncy pupils and their delighted teachers!

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