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Le Figaro Vintage Postcard

This vintage postcard friend has her 'Le Figaro' newspaper thinking cap on.

The Parisian Paper was founded as a satirical weekly in 1826 and was published rather sporadically. It is now the leading French daily but has more of a conservative edge.

The name and motto of the paper was taken from the play written by Pierre Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais, 'Le Mariage de Figaro.' The motto, "Sans la liberté de blâmer, il n'est point d'éloge flatteur " translates as "Without the freedom to criticise, there is no true praise".

I scrunched my nose at this Wiki article. Didn't Mozart write The Marriage of Figaro? Isn't is an opera? Mozart took this play (which had actually been banned in Vienna) and turned it into the especially famous comic opera in 1786!

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