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Godly Apple Vintage Postcards

Hercules, as a part of his Twelve Labours was required to fetch the immortality giving golden apples from the tree of life.

The fruit was guarded by a nasty little 100 headed dragon who never slept and a smattering of Hesperides (lovely ladies who tended the orchard).

The apple trees belonged to Hera and Zeus who had received the seeds as a wedding present from Gaia. She might have had vintage potcards on her bridal registry as well.

Hercules easily slew the headache of a mythical beast. The Hespiredes were more difficult to contend with. Heracles tricked Atlas (their Father) into retrieving some of the golden apples for him, by offering to hold up the heavens for a little while.

Atlas easily plucked the forbidden fruit but decided that he did not want to take the heavens back. (Who could blame him) Heracles tricked him again by agreeing to take his place on condition that Atlas relieve him temporarily so that Heracles could make his cloak more comfortable. Atlas agreed, but Heracles (of course ) reneged and walked away.

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