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Look at the postcard I got in the mail from Ming at Spok - Spok headquarters!

The text is Swedish and reads, 'It's nice to hug!' Isn't that just cute cute cute!

She designs plushies that are just the cat's meow. My eight year old son (who says that he is too old for toys) secretly sleeps with the blue one! I found it under his pillow... shhhhhhhh... don't tell!

What I find paticularly blogalicious is the photos she takes of them around town! I promised Ming that I would shoot some pictures of them at the top of the eiffel tower! I'll post those in a few weeks. Scout's honour!

Here they are in chinatown looking for some yummy snacks!

Spokelina found some vintage bling. She likes vintage postcards too!

Pretty please with sugar on top and a cherry... and a nice smattering of sprinkles... go visit Ming's blog and tell her how adorable those plushies are!

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