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Friday Favorites -- Dragonflight

Friday Favorites, started by yours truly, has people state one of their favorite books every Friday. Because... it's fun. And interesting. And because favorite and Friday rhyme. And yes, other bloggers can do it, too!

Anne McCaffrey

After ten long turns, Lessa was ready to come out of hiding, to reclaim her birthright...and to Impress the young dragon queen and become Weyrwoman of Benden.

Suddenly the deadly silver Thread once again threatened all Pern with destruction. But the mighty telepathic dragons that for centuries had defended Pern were now few in number, not nearly enough to protect the planet in its hour of greatest peril. So Lessa hatched a daring and dangerous scheme: Rally support from people who had long ago ceased to exist...

I love this series. I own every one, but this one has got to be one of my favorites. It's the first one in the series, and the characters are strong and interesting - and not just the human ones. Ramoth has always been one of my favorite characters (though, granted, so has Lessa).

Of course, this series also has a sentimental value. The books were my father's, and I've "inherited" them, so to speak. Almost all of them are autographed by Anne herself. They're the hardcover, worn out, old-smelling kinds of books that look so good on the shelf.

Summarized in one sentence? A fantastic sci-fi series that is sure to wow any dragon fan.

Happy reading!


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Friday Favorites -- Dragonflight + science fiction