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Friday Fronts - A Great And Terrible Beauty v.2

Um. What? [Rebel Angels cover] Double what?

What happened to the beautiful covers of the books I didn't quite adore? Simple and sophisticated, elegant, with an air of mystery. These just look like somebody snapped a picture and made a fan cover. (And not a good picture, either; sorry girls.) Perhaps they would be okay covers if the ones they replaced weren't so damn gorgeous.

Oh well. I shall sit and glare while the replacement takes place.

What says you, oh lovely reader?


So Libba loves them, and they're the Australian covers, NOT the UK ones.

Also, The Compulsive Reader blogged about these today as well, and one of the comments over their pointed something out - the stock photo watermark is still there...

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Friday Fronts - A Great And Terrible Beauty v.2 + TIME