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Birthday Bash: Susan from Wastepaper Prose

It’s not often that you meet someone you instantly hit it off with and the two of you become fast friends. It’s even rarer that it happens before you’ve ever met the individual in person.

That’s how it happened with Nicole and I. I had no idea how old she was, where she was from or anything else about her for that matter, but from the first tweet I thought to myself, “I’m going to like this girl”. She must have had the same thought because we hit the ground running almost a year ago now and have never looked back.

Well soon enough my blogger baby sister will be all grown up. It’s less than a week away now and I’m not sure the world is ready for this little spitfire. Don’t get me wrong. I adore her, but we have our fair share of differences and good-hearted debate that goes with them. One of the big ones being, Team Ash or Team Puck. (Excuse me, but Puck who?)

It’s been sibling rivalry from the start. That’s how we wound up sort of adopting each other, and she became my creative, crazy, and sometimes annoying kid sister. She’s been blogging longer, but I’m still older!

Outside of being really big nerds who relate better to books than people on some days, we have a surprising lot in common. Yes, we’re both readers and writers, but we also have an almost obscene love of all things fantastical whether they are in books, movies, or anything else, and we need music to exist. Journalism is also a passion for both of us. She’s an up and comer, and I’m already in the biz.

We didn’t actually meet until BEA where we spent the vast majority of the time texting in an effort to find each other and never making contact. Sometimes we saw each other in the distance and waved across autographing lines. Eventually we did find one another and there was much excited bouncing and hugging. I was her photographer and she was nice enough to get me a signed copy of Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead. (See? Sisters can be sweet… Sometimes.)

Since then we’ve only become better friends. Of course the heckling hasn’t stopped, but I did decide to take a break to celebrate her birthday. Enjoy it kid sister because it won’t last long.


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Birthday Bash: Susan from Wastepaper Prose + TIME