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Holiday Readathon Giveaway: The Hunger Games + Swag

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Liza from Who R U Blog is hosting an epic winter redathon! Though I can't participate - gah, schoolwork, you'll be the death of me - I CAN do something else!

I can host a giveaway for you guys!

I'm going to host a COVER REDESIGN contest. You guys will need a break in between reading so many awesome books, and I'm supplying you with what to do during that break!

See, as much as I adore The Hunger Games, there are so many potential other covers that you can do. So my challenge to YOU is to redesign the cover of any of the three books, and YOU will win a copy of The Hunger Games and a Hunger Games rub on tattoo.

ONE entry per person.
Entries will be submitted using the form below.
No entries will be taken after the Readathon (midnight, December 5)
[EDIT] I'm letting the entries extend until the morning of the 9, because making these things does take a while. :) We'll start voting then.
You do NOT have to be participating in the readathon to enter!
Entries will be voted on December 12.

Good luck to all!

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Holiday Readathon Giveaway: The Hunger Games + Swag + The Hunger Games