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Castle Monday

No, no, this isn't a new meme in which I post pictures of castles. (Although that does sound like a lot of fun.)

No, I mean, it's Castle Monday! ABC's Castle has another episode today - one that many Castle fans are particularly excited for - but I wanted to bring the awesome that is Castle to the light of fans.

Castle follows Detective Cate Beckett. No, I mean, that's the plot - Richard Castle, a bestselling novelist, follows the detective, who is the inspiration for his latest series of novels. There's lots of drama and romantic tension and great home life on Castle's part. One of my favorite things is the occasional poker games with other bestselling authors - James Patterson makes every game.

It's a fanastically fun show, and I absolutely adore it - I highly recommend checking it out.

not a book post - so sue me, and more:

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