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The Ozark Medieval Fortress

I just scribbled the phonetically misspelled US state of Arkansas onto my bucket list! The 25th state of the union is home to the ingenious Ozark Medieval Fortress project! The rugged Proterozoic mountain range, extensive underground cave systems, world class trout fishing, sparkling lakes and streams, abundant wildlife, famous fiddlers, quilt makers, and tall tale story telling were enough to lure me to vacation in AR. But the fact that a stone medieval CASTLE using 13th century tools and techniques is being built has convinced me to hop on a plane and visit the "Natural State!" Here is a selection of the "medieval" artisans in action courtesy of the Ozark Medieval Fortress Facebook fan page.

The burly resident blacksmith forges every tool, nail, chain, etc. used on this astounding medieval construction site.

Each quarried stone is shaped by hand using a mallet and chisel and then put into place on the 6 foot thick castle wall.

All materials are transported via horse and cart. Isn't this image simply postcard perfect? Every imaginable task is accomplished by hand, from scratch and with passion! Historians, archaeologists, castle lovers, and laymen alike will be watching as the walls of this unique stronghold mount. I can't wait to visit! Don't hesitate to visit their informative website at:
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The Ozark Medieval Fortress + vintage