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A Silly Lily - French May Day Vintage Postcards

Happy May Day! Here is a sweet scented lily of the valley bouquet just for you. The ‘Muguet’ in France is thought to bring good luck. This petaled talisman pops up on many holiday vintage postcards.

Paris is packed today with this bell shaped blossom. The Metro (subway in French) is perfumed with commuters who are clutching sprigs of this May Day symbol. They are rushing home to present the lucky receiver with these delicate white flowers. I unblushingly adore this tradition! This celebration ushers in springtime with flair.

The lily of the valley is a tough as nails perennial. It thrives in the shade and is a merry May Day addition to any garden! This petit basket is overflowing with my favorite flower.

Here is a lovely little poem authored by Paul Verlaine. It would perfectly embellish a Mother's Day card, spring craft or collage

Sap which mounts, and flowers which thrust,
Your childhood is a bower:
Let my fingers wander in the moss
Where glows the rosebud

'Let me among the clean grasses
Drink the drops of dew
Which sprinkle the tender flower, --

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A Silly Lily - French May Day Vintage Postcards + vintage postcards