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Charles Phoenix, Part 2

JFK Airport, New York 1964

Johnston's Frozen Pies, 1955

Chicago, Illinois 1957

Las Vegas, Nevada 1964

Times Square, New York 1964

Nashville, Tennessee 1960

Times Square, New York 1958

Tulsa, Oklahoma 1955

Houston, Texas 1956

The Mint Hotel & Casino 1961

Waikiki, Hawaii 1961

Las Vegas, Nevada 1958

New Jersey, 1958

Los Angeles, California 1957

Reno, Nevada 1965

San Jose, California 1950

Charles Phoenix's books of vintage photography include:
Southern Californialand
Southern California In The 50's
Americana The Beautiful

20th Century, 35mm Slides, Architecture, Cars, clothing, Furnishings, Interiors, Old Photos, People, Photography, and more:

Charles Phoenix, Part 2 + vintage