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The Westerner Hotel

The beautiful lobby of Tucson's newest, most modern hotel. Refrigeration air-conditioning in every room by individual controls; private baths, balconies overlooking the city and the mountains. Completely fireproofed. In the center of downtown Tucson.
Message on back:
"Dear Jay and Arnold,
Haven't heard from you since I last wrote, I do hope everyone is well including yourselves. How is Michael S. and is he well after his accident. Louis is going to 6 weeks summer school, subject English, and then Mike will close up and we will take a trip to Grand Canyon, would love to take Frieda along, do you think she could make the trip out here? Let us know. Please write, you are the only one that gives me the news as I want it. Love from the 3 of us. Regards to Ruth and all."
Postage: 1952

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The Westerner Hotel + vintage