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Karen Kincy's Library

My library currently consists of one extremely overburdened bookcase, since I recently moved to a new apartment, and many boxes of more books that I have not yet deemed worthy for display (i.e., I need to buy a new bookcase). I’m actually going to take a picture of the bookcase and make a diagram of it, since that’s much more fun.

Click to enlarge.

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Let’s take a closer look at my books (my books, the ones I wrote), which consist of an ARC of Other, a finished copy of Other, and an ARC of Bloodborn. Note how these books are infested by plush microbe toys my mom gave me. They are, from left to right, mange, krill, louse, bed dub, ear ache bacteria, and a flea in the lower right corner. I doubt you’ll want to borrow my books any time soon. It’s obvious that Bloodborn has lice, though I can’t say Brock is happy.

I have a fantastic organizational system for my bookcase. It’s called cram everything where it fits, aka book Tetris. Right here we have Parlor Cats, which is an exploration of the Victorian obsession with LOLcats and kittehs, right next to my Chambers Dictionary of Etymology. I’ve talked about it before, but this is one of my favorite linguistic nerd loves. I <3 word origins.

Let’s look inside that Dictionary of Etymology and see what we find. Oh, look, necromancy! And it’s apparently derived from the Greek nekros, which means “dead body” and mantis,which means “prophet.” I don’t know about you, but that sounds like an Ancient Greek zombie novel waiting to happen.

Finally, I found a lot of bookmarks while poking around the bookcase and photographing stuff. I really have no excuse using pieces of random paper as bookmarks or trying to memorize my page numbers.

Now, if I were to recommend any of the books on my shelves right now, I would totally suggest Ash and Huntress by Malinda Lo. Fantasy adventure novels with kick-ass girls, written in a lyrical fairy-tale way. Also, I mentioned I wanted to read some girl-falls-for-girl novels, and these are them. I haven’t written a proper review of them yet, but I give five stars to both and thoroughly enjoyed reading them.

Karen Kincy lives among countless trees, some of which—her pet kumquats and oranges—have lovingly invaded her apartment. Unlike her characters, she has never been on the run from the law or bitten by a werewolf, though she has been known to howl at the moon.

The newest novel in her Other series, Bloodborn, just came out - don't forget to check it out! If you haven't seen me rave about Other, the first in the series, click here to read my review.

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