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The First Orient Express Menu

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The first menu on board the famed Orient Express (October 10, 1882) consisted of...

- Oysters
- Turbot with green sauce - Turbot is a type of flat fish. I want bumpy fish!
- Chicken ‘à la chasseur’
- Fillet of beef with 'château' potatoes
- 'Chaud-froid' of Game animals - 'Hot-cold' of Scrabble playing animals-
- Lettuce - Did you bring your pet rabbit?
- Chocolate pudding
- Buffet of desserts - Umm.. isn't chocolate pudding a dessert? Why did pudding get a seperate mention?

Cynthia, that darling and clever girl over at Muse Swings, invites you to join her Orient Express adventure. Come join the fun!