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Bee-ing Corsican Vintage Postcards

The pesky growing Roman Republic imposed a whopping tax of 65 tons of beeswax on the Corsicans in In AD 173.

Candle wicks were made from the plinth of harvested reeds and this waxy imposition. Roman official wax seals were also made from this Corsican raw material. This imposed tax shows how important honey production has always been to this craggy country.

The honey has a very characteristic flavour due to the 2800 flower varieties that are only found on this scented island. Napoleon was an outright honey snob. He relished in the experience of spreading this sweet gold onto his bread. He only found Corsican (his native land) honey palatable!

Here is a vintage postcard image of Napoleon and his trusty steed. Doesn't he look like he has a posture problem. Sit up straight M. Bonaparte!

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