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Vampires III

The final installment to my vampire trilogy of posts. :]

And, also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brother! Who is, sadly, not a vampire.

Alex Duval
Status: To Read

The main character is a male, and if you look back, we haven't seen a lot of that.
The point is that the picture perfect life isn't as perfect as it seems.

I really can't think of any. I really want to read this.

Jessica's Guide To Dating On The Dark Side
Beth Fantaskey
Status: To Read ASAP

I've heard FANTABULOUS things about it.
Even without the reviews, it sounds funny.
"Armed with newfound confidence and a copy of Growing Up Undead: A Teen Vampire’s Guide to Dating, Health, and Emotions..." Win.

Or at least not to buy it. I dislike the cover immensely.

Claudia Gray
Status: To Read

I love the vampire hunter x vampire pairing. It's lovely.
I love love love the plot.
I love the names of the factions, which leads me to hope that the people in the factions will be interesting.

I normally don't like female characters who give up "zomg everything because i'm in luuuuuuurve" but Bianca doesn't sound like that.

Demon in My View
Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
Status: To Read

"High school senior by day, published author by night, 17-year-old Jessica is about to make a life-changing discovery: that the vampire world of her novels truly exists."
Hello? She's an author.
It's a secret vampire world.
She's a teenager.
What could be wrong!?

I could be wrong and this could be a horrible, horrible novel. BUT. I won't know until I read. ^^"

P.C. and Kristin Cast
Status: Read

It is fantastically written.
Zoey and her companions are interesting characters.

I dislike the plotline.
It also takes place in a school, as does my favorite. But my favorite is better. ^^

Vampire Academy
Richelle Mead
Status: Nicole's Favorite

The protagonist is kick ass.
Dimitri is one of the sexiest things to ever appear in a novel.
It's not your stereotypical vampire novel.
Or, for that matter, your stereotypical school.

Nicole's Favorite!

There are dozens and hundreds more vampire books. These are just the ones for today.
Any you think should have been added to the list?


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Vampires III + TIME