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Washington, D.C.

Washington is beautiful.

First, the architecture in D.C. is like nothing I've ever seen. It's like the old Greek and Roman buildings - powerful yet fragile, intimidating yet gorgeous. This appears particularly in any of the big national buildings, especially the Library of Congress. Pictures don't even begin to describe the awesome beauty that is the Library - it's overwhelmingly beautiful. I didn't want to leave. (Can I go live there? Ktxhbai.)

As for food - don't ever ever ever go to Ella's. The concierge of a five star hotel might recommend them, but they LIE. Their pizza is horrendible. However, Gulley's - or something like that; I can't remember the exact name - has fantastic icecream, and the place is really cute and the people are really nice. It's a nice, pleasant environment to hang out at.

My top three favorite places?

1) The spy museum.

I participated in both the museum and Operation Spy, a "game" in which you are a spy and have to figure out what's going on. The choices you make change the game. It's actually lots of fun - and it made me feel like a Gallagher Girl! The museum part itself is SO well put together - each section is almost like a different museum, and it never seems to end! It's a lot of fun to read about. They sell a lot of spy novels - including the Gallagher Girl novels - at the shop. Not only that, but they have really cute shirts.

Unfortunately, you're not allowed to take pictures, or I'd have one for you.

2) The Library of Congress

As I mentioned before, pictures don't do this place justice. The architecture and the place itself is simply stunning. If I could live there and just fill it with books *I* read, I'd be one happy camper.

3) just wandering

Some of the best spots in D.C. come from just wandering (like the icecream place I mentioned.) They have a Borders and a B&N right next to each other (like, two streets apart) plus a fantastic pen shop.

All in all, I had a FANTASTIC trip and would definitely visit again.

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