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Giveaway: Benjamin Manry and the Curse of Blood Bones

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Avast, ye hardies! Interested in a swashbuckling story?

Benjamin Manry and the Curse of Blood Bones tells of the interwoven fates of Blood Bones, Captain Arthur F. Nelson, and our young hero-to-be, Benjamin Manry. At seventeen, Ben, his brother Harris, and their best friend Sal discover a map written in red dye. It leads them to the cursed treasure of Blood Bones, the ferocious pirate famously hunted by all of Britain in the 1700s.

The three adventurers travel back in time to 1763 and join the crew of the Frendrich in the quest for Blood Bones. Little do the time travelers know, but they are an integral part of the curse on the treasure. Blood Bones had two things in mind when he created the curse: revenge and immortality. Can the boys survive and make it back to their own time?

And this ol' pirate has a copy - an autographed copy! - to give away!

Contest open only to those who sail the seas in the United States.

Want to enter to win? Just comment with the following information!

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Just comment, and awaaaaaaaay we go!

~ Nicole

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