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Thoughts On: What Makes YA

A few weeks or months or what have you ago, people were talking about what makes young adult literature young adult literature. The character age? Is it the writing style? The simplistic plot? The-

Wait, what?

For me, the only thing that defines young adult literature as young adult literature is the fact that the main character are, indeed, young adults.

I don't care if the book is 320 pages or 754.

I don't care if it's about two teenagers falling in love or one teenager fighting to save an entire nation.

I don't care if it has one simplistic plot or if it has got more plots and characters than almost anyone can keep track of.

I don't care if the subject matter is dark and worrisome or if it's a lighthearted story.

I don't care if the writing is easy to read or if it's beautiful and elegant.

For me, the simple definition of a young adult novel is exactly that: a young adult novel. A novel with young adults.

What other definition do you need, really?

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