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ABC's Once Upon A Time

Has anybody else been watching Once Upon A Time?

I saw the previews for it and was more excited for it than I was for Grimm - which I saw the premier of and thought was quite good as well; I just haven't had a chance to catch up on it.

But I was stoked to watch Once Upon A Time. Fairy tale characters trapped in our world? Flashbacks to the fantasy realm? A really hot Prince Charming? Count me in!

It's clear that I'm a sucker for fairy tales and all their retellings. I love them. They make up a good chunk of my wishlist at the moment.

Once Upon A Time is meeting my expectations for it as a show. Though the preimier was a little too poorly acted for me - and I still have no idea what is up with this creepy all-knowing monk child! - I'm now four episodes in and (I'll admit it) I'm hooked. The characters are highly entertaining. I love this badass version of Snow White and I do hope we see more of Malificent! I'm really interested in seeing how the plot unfolds as well.

Anybody else watching it? And any fairy tale book recommendations?

ABC's Once Upon A Time or BBC's Merlin?: Well, to be fair, I'm four seasons into BBC's Merlin and my inner fangirl comes out whenever I watch it. (Also, Colin Morgan. Yum.) But I think people who like one will like the other (and Doctor Who).

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ABC's Once Upon A Time + not a book post - so sue me