Postcard For Reader + not a book post - so sue me

It's gonna be a happy new year.


The Boring Quick Recap:
Last year I read 77 books. (I met my 52 book goal in July, but then, you know, college caught up with me.) You can see the list here. I didn't finish 8 books; Liz guest-reviewed 9 times; Julia guest-reviewed once; Beverly guest-reviewed once.

I had originally participated in the Shakespeare challenge, but dropped out of that one quickly because, you know, school barely allowed for YA reading, never mind Shakespeare!

I was one book away from finishing the Debut Authors' Challenge, but I didn't realize I hadn't finished it until noon yesterday - and since I don't allow myself to switch books when I'm in the middle of them, sadly, it had to go unfinished! (Though I may have read a debut and not known it... that happens.) I was also one book away from finishing the Steampunk Challenge, but that's because I ran out of steampunk books that I owned. Whoops. On the bright side, I did finish the YA Historical Challenge.

The Fun Stuff For Next Year:
Yay! Stuff for next year!

The goal is to read 52 books again - one a week, and since I'm in college, that's really all I want to try and manage, though I'll probably read more - and I'm not participating in any challenges this year. (Though I do like the idea of Erica's fantasy challenge and, as always, the Debut Author challenge.) I just don't want the pressure on me, ya know?

I might end up adding one small GoogleAd to the side of my blog at some point because, you know, I'm a broke college student, so if you'd like to click that every now and then so I can afford to eat food that doesn't suck, it would be much appreciated. And I'll still be selling blog banners!

New Year's Resolutions:
- Post every day, except Sundays, because I deserve a break!
- Read 52 books.
- Educate myself on things I'm interested in, like Arthurian legend and children's literature!
- Utilize my wardrobe and look fantastic every day I leave my house/dorm room.
- Finish the first draft of [insert title here].
- Be awesome.

Favorites Of 2011:

Other Fun Things:
I have a new layout/banner. You should comment and tell me what you think about it, because I live on feedback.

favorites, and more:

It's gonna be a happy new year. + not a book post - so sue me