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Top Ten Most Vivid Settings

As a die-hard fantasy lover, there was no way I was going to pass this Top Ten Tuesday up. Top ten most vivid settings in novels?

Oh, this shall be fun.

10. Middle Earth
Lord of the Rings

We're not even going to talk about how I haven't read the books yet, but there's no denying that -- both in terms of vivid description and actual memorability -- Middle Earth deserves to be on this list.

I have to note that my favorite part of Middle Earth, based purely on the movies alone, is the town the Hobbits live in. For no other reason than the fact that I love their giant round doors.

09. Narnia

Now, I have read some of the Chronicles of Narnia books, and this is one where the world of the movies enhances the books. But that's the only thing I really loved about C.S. Lewis' writing -- the world he created. Narnia is completely unforgettable in every way, from the giant Lion that keeps things running to the Fauns wearing adorable scarves to the Witch that can turn people to stone. Even with all the dangers, who wouldn't want a chance to explore there?

08. London
The Parasol Protectorate series
but, you know, steampunk. And with werewolves.

So this is a thing I made.
Oh, Soulless. Not only did you make me fall in love with your characters, but you made me fall in love with your world. You gave me a land of dirigibles and parasols and sexy vampire alphas and now, with the series over, I can only eagerly wait for the companion series, because I need more of you.

07. The Theatre Illuminata

It's a theatre where all the characters come to like, and you expect me to forget it?
Without a doubt, this little theatre stands out to me more than a lot of other settings, and considering it's not even the location of most of the second and third books in it's series, that's saying something. But it's the world where it's characters come to life. Macbeth frets over donuts; Ophelia repeatedly drowns herself; the faeries from A Midsummer Night's Dream have indescribable food lust. It's memorable in every way.

06. Kelewan
The Mistress of the Empire

I had to look up the name of it, but that means nothing when I remember so many details about it. I know which warlords and ladies are in power; I know how certain slaving systems work; I know what it means to be a spy master.

And most of all, I know that the cho-ja look like giant ants, and I kind of love them for it.

05. Oz

Now, I remember the Broadway version of Oz more than I remember the movie version of Baum's version or Maguire's version. But I do remember details of every version, which says something.

Maguire's version -- and the version in the Broadway musical -- are by far my favorite, though. How could they not be? Not only is the cast of characters fabulous, but we get Shiz. Shiz! I'd love to study there...

04. Nevernever
The Iron Fey

I may be refusing to finish the series, but I know a memorable world when I read one. It becomes a problem when you can't get a world that you're not reading out of your head.

But Grimalkin! And Puck! And the spats between Tiana and Oberon! And the Iron Fey, creeping and crawling and trying to take over! How could this not make my list!?

03. Pern
The DragonRiders of Pern

Pern, where my love of dragons began.

Though I wish I could live here sometimes -- only if I could be a dragon rider! Who wouldn't want that bond? -- I know it's deadly. The Thread that fall from the sky, writhing in black mounds and destroying everything it touches. The dragons that have to fight to protect the Earth (and occasionally fight each other). The dangers of not being a Rider, and the dangers of being a Rider. The beautiful Harper Hall and the musicians that live there...

It would be number one on my list, but I thought of two other places first. It is, though, my favorite place on this list.

02. Hogwarts

Come on, did you really not think this would make the list? The only reason it's second is because number one on the list was the first thing I thought of when I saw this week's theme.

There's nothing about the world of Hogwarts -- the teachers, the castle, the giant Squid, the merfolk, the witches, the wizards, the magical beasts, the goblins, the ghosts, the magical feasts - that you're going to forget after reading. It's all vivid and beautiful and memorable and I love it.

01. Fincayara
The Lost Years of Merlin

It's the world where The Lost Years of Merlin is set, and the world itself is described as the most vivid world you can imagine -- the brightest colors, the best of people, the most evil of people. There are trees who grow all kinds of fruit and girls who live in them; there are tiny giants and spiders that can grow or shrink. There are merlins who can become your best friends and all sorts of magic.

And I would give anything to be able to visit for a few days.

Where are some of your favorite worlds?

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